Title : DCD Heating Controller

The DCD Heating Controller is an Optimising Controller

with full Weather Compensation

Picture of Controller What it will do for you  
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  • It will give you a more comfortable home.
  • It will save you 25% or more on your heating bills.
  • It allows you to choose your own temperatures at any time of the day for central heating and for water heating.
  • It provides a holiday switch-off feature, which keeps your home at a safe minimum temperature when you are away, and then switches on to warm up again, ready for your return.
  • It enables you to easily override any heating programme, so that you can cater for variations in your living pattern, such as holidays at home, family illness, entertaining, etc.
  • It lets you display the outside temperature, so that you know how cold a day it is. Your home will always be comfortably warm, whatever the weather.

Why a more
comfortable home ?
  Saving 25% or
more on fuel ?
  How does it use
its intelligence ?
  How easy is it to
install and use ?
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Last Updated in November 2008
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